APB Reloaded isn’t updating correctly or My launcher is broken.

Jul 20, 2013 02:49PM PDT

APB Reloaded isn’t updating correctly or My launcher is broken.
If your launcher isn’t working please try running a repair on the launcher. Please make sure you’re running the launcher as an administrator. To repair the game through the launcher please do the following:
  1. Start the APB Launcher
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Repair
If your launcher still isn’t updating please try visiting ‘http://apb.patch.gamersfirst.com/Patches.xml’ in a web browser and pressing control and F5 to refresh the page in your web browsers cache. Run the launcher.
If this hasn’t worked please delete clientfiles.xml from the APB Reloaded base directory. Run the launcher again and try to repair.
If you’re still not able to update please submit a ticket to Customer Support with the following information.
  • Your launcher log.
  • Any details you think could be relevant (previous network issues, for example).
  • A description of the issue you're having (does the Play button show the word Error? Is updating taking a very long time or are speeds very slow?)
  • Also please include a traceroute to apb.patch.gamersfirst.com – we can use this traceroute to tell which CDN node you’re connecting to which can be useful.
In order to obtain your launcher.log please go to \APB Reloaded\Launcher\ in the directory where you installed APB Reloaded and attach the launcher.log file. 
To run a traceroute and copy the results to us:
  1. Click Start
  2. Go to Programs
  3. Go to Accessories
  4. Select Command Prompt
  5. Enter the word tracert apb.patch.gamersfirst.com
  6. Right click anywhere on the command window and select ‘mark’
  7. You can press Enter to copy all of the output, or select the text you want to copy and then right-click with your mouse. 
  8. Paste the copied text into a .txt file by hitting Ctrl + V.